My Sky Lantern supplies a range of lanterns and luminaries for parties, events,  weddings and other special occasions. Sky lanterns can be used in many different ways but at this time of year you could buy one for each couple you invite to your New Years party and get the get them to write their wishes on the lanterns and line up like naughty children and let the lanterns off when the clock strikes 12:00. Why not release 50 lanterns for a 50th birthday party instead of having candles on the cake or sending off a lantern in memory of a love one passed.
Augment your floral centerpieces with our water submersible led tea light candles. They can also be used on the steps of pools, in fish tanks, candle votive's, behind objects in book shelves as accent lighting and kids love them at bath time. Delight your guests this New Years by popping them into their cocktails.....they light up and come alive, your party will be the talk of the town for days after. Create a fairy wonderland at the bottom of the garden with Chinese lanterns and our led tea light candles without having to run ugly electrical cords everywhere. They are battery operated and will give off 50 hours of continuous light so your function will not be plunged into darkness or use them in our paper lanterns to line path ways, fire and mess free they also will not blow out in the wind....BONUS!