Smart Snacker Products LLC manufactures, markets and distributes smart products for smart snackers.  Our first product launched in July, 2011 is called, "My Smart Snacker".  

My Smart Snacker is a patented personal travel container for holding your favorite snacks and beverages safely at arm's reach when you're behind the wheel of your vehicle.  It's designed to fit into existing cup holders found in so many consumer products today.  What's more, My Smart Snacker also transitions for use on any flat surface, making it a great for the home or office.

My Smart Snacker was created to solve a major problem today's consumers have when they travel and snack in their vehicles:  Snacking from the packaging snacks are sold in can be a challenge when you're behind the wheel of your vehicle.  Snacking can be messy when you're eating out of a bag or box of snacks, and there is absolutely no way to portion control snacks you and your family eat. For these reasons, the My Smart Snacker personal travel container for holding your favorite snacks and beverages was invented. My Smart Snacker also has the potential to help save lives because consumers who snack when they're behind the wheel of their vehicles, are now more focused on their driving when using their "My Smart Snacker" containers.

My Smart Snacker comes with 5 components:  The container comes with two compartments.  One large compartment for snacks and another compartment for holding up to 24 oz beverages. There is a snap-on lid for the snack compartment which keeps snacks fresh for days.  There is a removable cup holder base and flexible sleeve that allows you to use your My Smart Snacker in existing cup holders (2-3" in depth X 3"-4" in diameter).  And when you remove the cup holder base, we supply a screw-on cap to keep items stored in the base secured.

My Smart Snacker is made from durable Polypropylene which is safe for food products. It's BPA Free, and has been tested and certified by SGS Testing Labs to ensure consumers that our product meets or exceeds California's standards set forth in Proposition 65.  

Smart Snacker Products LLC operates their storefront website where consumers can purchase their My Smart Snacker personal container in either Black, Grey, Tan or White.  Just go to: www.mysmartsnacker.com and place your order.  All orders are shipped within 24 hours.  "Like" us on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/mysmartsnacker) and watch for special offers we post from time to time on facebook.

My Smart Snacker has a suggested retail price of only $14.99 each, plus S & H.

Retailers interested in selling My Smart Snacker containers can contact us by e-mailing Sam@SmartSnackerProducts for wholesale pricing.

My Smart Snacker... When a Cup Holder Just Isn't Enough!