Queentia™, LLC, is a California-based technology company in the process of developing My Swirl™, a connection, collaboration and impact distributed network to serve global women’s needs and aspirations, as THEY see them.

The core of My Swirl's  technology is the Swirl Engine™, a disruptive intelligence built around the Human Technology Genome that leverages Superconnector and Combinatory Cognition.

This technology will unlock the global, woman-based economy by providing technology designed specifically for a woman's Life, Potential, Business, Money, and Impact in the world.

A three-faceted business model will allow women to spend their discretionary income through My Swirl's financial instruments and marketplace; women will generate advertising and services revenue, and women will empower other (entrepreneurial) women through peer to peer lending and giving, thereby creating a viral Swirl Effect™.

My Swirl has the potential to unleash $9 trillion of un-tapped economic value annually within the woman-based global economy. (Date Source: ActionAid via The Guardian, Jan 2015).

The company anticipates its technology will better leverage women’s share of the new $10 trillion increase in projected global discretionary consumer spending in the next few years (which is 80% controlled by women) to their benefit. (Data Source: AT Kearney).

Launched in January 2015, the My Swirl reports a growing community of annual members who are pre-paying their first year’s subscription out of passion for the vision.

Queentia is pursuing its first, $30 million round of funding, based on its proprietary Swirl Engine™ technology.

With a $10 trillion increase in global discretionary consumer spending over the next 5 years, projections show that with just 17 million women in My Swirl,  gross profits will exceed $1 billion.

The My Swirl, “Mother of All Apps” is being designed the way digital-savvy and new-to-smart-tech women say they want their online experiences to be: smart, human-centric, simple, and effective.  

➢     LIFE, upgraded by My Swirl
➢     POTENTIAL, unleashed by My Swirl
➢     BUSINESS, powered by My Swirl
➢     MONEY, created by My Swirl
➢     IMPACT, amplified by My Swirl

My Swirl – fearless technology to power your world – coming in 2016.