Get connected with trusted doctors and hospitals using mytabib.com

Mytabib.com launches its interactive, community driven and user-friendly medical portal where patients can experience maximum healthcare assistance. Mytabib.com is a medical portal that enables patients to access roster of medical facilities and doctors in the middle east and around the world. The website encourage patients to be involved in their own care by creating an innovative venue where patients, doctors and hospitals can interact with each other using a totally secure system. In just a few clicks, patients can easily register and experience world-class healthcare support at its best where patients can sign up, comment, rate and review on a certain issues.

There are other medical portals out there that promise same attractive engagement and match ability to connect with patients but these websites requires complex commitment. Mytabib lets patients to have direct communication tools by providing real reviews and treatment prices of hospitals and doctors worldwide. That is why mytabib encourage patients to share accurate medical experiences so doctors can maintain a high standard of work while users can make a better decisions. Using the internet, patients can access mytabib 24/7 through your PC’s, ipads and mobile phones, patients can navigate and raise their concerns to their preferred hospitals and doctors.  

Mytabib.com is considered to be as one of the pioneer medical portals in the GCC region and has the potential to be the fastest growing medical website in the UAE. “We want to be the best healthcare portal in the UAE, I want our users to experience medical care within reach where they can access our reputable list of hospitals and doctors for free” adds Dmitry Yakhlakov (Managing director of mytabib.com)  He added “We are committed to serve our patients 24/7 by giving them world-class attention through the use of our website.”

How to register? mytabib.com is online 24/7, users can email us at info@mytabib.com or give us a call using these numbers +971 4 4472818. Visit our website www.mytabib.com and check out our facebook page - www.facebook.com/mytabib for more information.

About mytabib.com

Mytabib.com is a privately owned medical portal established in 2009. A Dubai based company that provides innovative and interactive patient's healthcare assistance. The website provide list of hospitals, medical centers and doctors in the middle east and around the world. Mytabib aim to create a transparent community by engaging patients in their own healthcare from which they can receive the best medical treatment tailored to their requirements.