My Team Build Is My Choice Pick of Best Internet Business of the Year 2010.   This is Not a Get Rich Program but You Will Make Money, You Will Learn How to Make Money using the System then Apply This Knowledge to This Program and Others.  With Your New Found Internet Education You Will Be Ready to Take You and Any Program to the Next Level.

My Team Build Introduces You to What I Call the World of Internet Tools along with Free Affiliate Programs Where You Can Earn Commissions From These Programs, Introduces You to Traffic Exchanges, Shopping Online Residual Income and Helps You Promote Any Existing Program(s) You May Already Have an Invested Interest In.

My Team Build Website Has a Menu Side Toolbar Navigating You Through the Site with Video Tutorials, Written Instructions, and a Bonus of Product Give Always Where I Will Step Out of My Comfort Zone and Predict 90% of All Will Actually Use Them.

When You Sign up with My Team Build You Are Provided with the Following Tools to Promote Your My Team Build: 1) an Affiliate Link to Promote Your My Team Build 2) 2) Your Own Replicated Website 3) a Splash Page 4) an AutoResponder Lead Capture Page 5) Solo Ads 6) Promoting Tools and 7) Support from My Income Club with endless Resources and Support.

My Team Build Makes It All Very Simple with My Favorite, "Your Stats".  My Team Build Shows You Your Auto Responder Results.  I Don't Know About You but I Want to See the Efforts of My Advertising and Marketing.  The AutoResponder Shows the Persons Name and Email Address so You Can Take Action with a Follow up Email or You Actually Can See Who Signed Up Under You and Welcome Them Aboard My Team Build.  

Auto Responder's Are the Best Because You Can Build, "Your List".  The Words, "The List" You Have Heard or Read About on the Internet.  The Information You Are Gathering From Your My Team Build AutoResponder Will Help You Build Your List or Add to Your List Where You Will Be Able to Contact Them with Them.  

If You Are Computer Challenged or an Internet Guru My Team Build is Very User Friendly.  If At Any Time You Get Stuck My Income Club is the Sister Site to My Team Build for Support.  If You Are Wanting Your Question Answered Right on the Spot I Am Always a Phone Call Away to Assist My Team and Their Down line.

The Best for Last and My Favorite, Your Total Investment in to My Team Build is a One Time Lifetime Membership Fee of $19.95.  This is the ONLY Expense the Rest is Pure Profits.  The Profits are Through Your Referrals.  You Are Paid $10 Per Referrals or Direct Referrals on Your 1st Level.  For Your Indirect Referrals or 2nd Through Your 4th Level Referrals You Are Paid $1.  WOW, Recruit One Million Indirectly that is $1,000,000 in Commission...WOW.

My Team Build is Building My Team Builds.  I Own Got ChaChing Social Networking Site and My Team Build and My Income Club is the Perfect Compliment to My WE TEAM Community. (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Got ChaChing is ALL About Educating, Marketing, Advertising and Promoting YOU and Your Business Opportunities.  After You Sign Up at My Team Build and My Income Club Stop By My Site Got ChaChing.  Got ChaChing is a WE Community Just Like My Income Club.  Just like My Income Club We Will Put Your My Team Build In Our Group Rotator for LEADS.

If You Have Been Searching for a Way to Make Money On the Internet Take a Serious Look as MyTeamBuilds.com

Blessing of Success