Teczo modules are organized into different categories to streamline the management of different business processes. This encourages collaboration among various functional units and answers the need for efficient project management software and knowledge management system for the modern organization.

The platform is divided into four main categories: General, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, and Operations & Administration. These categories support the essential backbone of the chain value inside our customers.

Teczo is designed to fit your company's value chain to serve demanding customers of today.


Teczo web-based enterprise collaboration platform facilitates the flow of information across the four functional categories, strengthening the efficiency of the operations within the value chain itself. All business units will develop a common synergy, cutting out departmental conflicts and pushing the organization forward to a customer centric focus by providing better quality of service at lower costs.

The four main functional categories that Teczo provides add direct benefits to your business in achieving operational efficiencies in your organization.

Within each category are modules. The modules are arranged to meet the different functional categories collaborated in any directions across various key business processes. This ensures smooth running of a competitive firm today focusing on exceeding customer satisfaction. In each module, you may create your own topics, attach files, make comments and feel free to collaborate with your peers effectively.

Teczo offers you a 360-degree collaboration platform.



Work collaboratively to precipitate knowledge management and sharing

Product Development Tracking

Discuss ideas, track projects, and develop products through joint effort online.

Sales & Marketing

A central place to manage customer information and take charge of your sales.

Operations & Administration

Automate employee attendance tracking through world-class timesheet platform.