Rated Oriental Trusted Hands is an organisation that was founded out of the need to help home owners and property builders find goodworkers they can rely on for their jobs within good time.

More often than not, people have had to wait sometimes up to 1 week for that “trusted worker” they are sure would do the job well. This often comes at a high price of inconvenience!

We strive to connect only the best hands who we have verified ourselves and / or come recommended by other people to home owners.

We have an eye for quality, hence we also do our own “little” due diligence to ensure you get the best hands you can.

Workers listed on our site are always recommended. In addition, we check for: - Technical Competence - Verified Identification

Once a job is completed, homeowners can leave ratings and feedback. , so they are always based on genuine experiences from previous customers. These ratings, based on quality, value and reliability, allow other homeowners to confidently hire a tradesman they can trust.