My US Mail Forwarding is a legitimate US mail forwarding company operating out of the tax-free state of Oregon.  We are an offshoot of My US Parcel, LLC that was filed with the State of Oregon in 2009, with a sister company being My USA Parcel.

We offer our services to customers around the world.  Our customers contact us from our website on the internet at http://www.myusmailforwarding.com at our email of usmailforwarding@aol.com.

My US mail forwarding offers the following services:

1.  US mail forwarding.
2.  US parcel forwarding.
3.  Assisted purchase (or purchase assistance).
4.  Parcel consolidation.
5.  FREE US address (customers only)
6.  FREE 30 day storage (customers only)

Our primary customers are:

1.  Global shoppers.
2.  US companies who do not offer global shipping.
3.  Ex-pats.
4.  Travelers.

Our services are amongst the lowest priced in the industry.  We charge no membership fees to join, no registration or monthly fees and our value rates are rock bottom at 4.5%.