My Wellness Door is an online wellness platform that simplifies the access and provision of mental health care services and programs in addition to other healthy lifestyle tools and training.  My Wellness Door is a shared marketplace of wellness programs, services and products nestled in a supportive community where people can connect with others, interest or support groups, experts and thought leaders.  My Wellness Door makes health care and treatments accessible and affordable for all people, while providing them with a trusted, reliable and reassuring source of care and guidance.  My Wellness Door is being built for all people because all people go through periods of not being OK in their life.  My Wellness Door is there for people to help them feel OK again, and to help them stay OK.  

The benefits of My Wellness Door for the consumer are numerous. They can access care quickly without having to wait or search through thousands of sites or health organizations.  My Wellness Door lowers the cost per treatment because treatments and programs are delivered online whereby the expert creates the program once and makes it available to many people at one time.  Costs to the consumer are also reduced because there is no need to travel and there is opportunity to share programs (and cost) with a group of people.  The treatments and programs are reviewed and rated by all consumers using the platform, providing the consumer with assurance of quality and effectiveness.

The benefits transcend the consumer and are realized by the wellness  experts and providers as well.  Wellness experts and providers can monetize their programs and services to create passive income.  In addition, they can market their programs and services on one platform, providing them with a very targeted market and greater revenue opportunities.  Wellness providers and experts can serve more people by bundling their programs into groups or by offering value added offerings to their current patients or clientele.  Wellness experts and providers now have an opportunity to work from home, if desired, saving them the normal expenses required with bricks and mortar offices.

My Wellness Door is the third wave of the internet and is positioned to be the internet of mental health care.