Wobblebase addresses a growing, unmet need and opportunity in personal genetics. Presented responsibly, hereditary genetics assessment provides a powerful, supplemental guide and conversation catalyst for actionable healthcare. Proactive, health conscious consumers demand improved personal relationships, greater flexibility, and options tailored to their priorities. Personal genetics awareness will continue to increase along with demand challenges for genetic expert education, advice and support.
Technology and Solutions
KineticDx™ provides individual genetic information including ancestry, predisposition, athletic performance and other information.

myWobble™ is the world’s first mobile device application providing secure, personal device genetic data storage, visual insights, education, actionable information and direct scheduling of genetic tele-counselors for ongoing support. Share and compare family genetic traits with KineticDx™ as well as other commercial genetic heredity or informational tests.

CounselTrust™ is a disruptive, ‘Uber-style’ support network addressing the growing shortage of genetic counseling domain expertise and availability. Certified CounselTrust experts facilitate common language discussions between individuals and health care experts.

Wobblebase and its business partners will continue to add validated, actionable content along with underlying evidence and technical information to ensure experts are able to understand supporting information behind results.

The company intends to incorporate a novel natural language processing and AI interface  to derive new insights from conversational genetics and interactions with healthcare professionals while ensuring the highest level of security for all participants in the myWobble ecosystem.