I'm Rhonda Uretzky. After 40 years as a yogi and yoga teacher, I’m ready to share my real yoga secret. It’s hard to hear but once you do, you won’t be able to ignore it. so leave now or get ready:
You created the life you are living. Ouch.
You can’t blame your parents, your ex, your boss, your kids, the guy who cut you off in traffic…it’s all you.
Humor me. Assuming I’m right, how’s it looking to you? Is this the life you want? If not, I’d like to teach you the many yoga tips, meditation and visualization techniques, and processes that can lift you from anxiety and depression to the life you really want: more balance, less stress.
In addition I am the owner of Riverflow Yoga, a hot yoga studio in Lambertville, NJ where you can learn to use your physical body to release stress and anxiety - and lose weight and gain flexibility as a side benefit. Visit http://www.riverflow-yoga.com for our full class schedule
"People change their lives with Rhonda's help as she blends her 40+ years of experience with a very healing hot yoga series!" (Carly Miller.)