The Naadi centre at Vaitheeswarankoil was opened byA.Sivasamy as the Chief Naadi Astrologer in charge of the centre. He hails from the well known family of Arul Siva Arumugunar who was really a master of many arts including Naadi Astrology. Since his great grandfather’s period, they have been practising Naadi astrology continuously for the past 150 years, keeping Vaitheeswarankoil is the Head Quarters of Nadi Predictions.

ThVaitheeswarankoilNaadi centre, which is the oldest and well known once throughout the world. From every nook and corner of the world, the people who are destined come for Naadi consultations and the benefits which they derive through Naadi is immense. The Vaithiswarankoil Office is managed by A. Sivasamy, with the help of his brothers. Holding independent entity, the Vaitheeswarankoilcenter render service to the people of South and its surroundings.

This place was chosen by A.Sivasamy a young man aged 20, started the spiritual mission of spreading the Naadi system of Astrology. Shri. H.G. RAMULU , as directed by Lord Shiva, (Former Member of Parliament Andhra Pradesh), who personally experienced the benefits of Naadi , as came in the Nadi Predictions he has constructed a Shiva Temple in his place. Shri. Rajasekar Reddy as per the Nadiprecitions he became the Member of Parlaiament after that he became Chief Minister.

Thus, the Vaitheesawaran Centre, starting with one Guruji in 1985, giving predictions for two persons a day, with a waiting period for three months, has now, in the course of last five years, grown to such an extent, that now more than twenty readers are giving predictions for more than fifteen persons. Now our office has translators for English, Hindi, Telugu& Kannada. We have over a million satisfied clients who has benefited from our divine service all over India and all around the world. This itself proves that the centre has gained the confidence of the lovers of Naadi Astrology.


Our ancestors originally lived in Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh. We belong to the Valluvar Caste who used to do Pujas to Lord Shiva wearing lingas on our bodies. Our gothra is said to be of GyanaThambiran. The original palm leaves containing the NaadiJodhida predictions are all available under the control of our family only. They run into lakhs and are kept preserved, and destroyed after the future to the destined is predicted, under our supervision. Our ancestors might have migrated to Tamilnadu many centuries ago and must have attained proficiency in Tamil. Probably they were employed under the Marathas and might have been employed in the Tamil translation work of the NaadiJodhida predictions from Sanskrit. The Britishers during their rule transferred to London Library, all Palm leaves relating to Sciences and Art. The manuscripts of Naadi Palm leaves were left behind by them in the SaraswathiMahal Library, because they did not know its merits and importance. Since our ancestors knew the importance of these Palm leaf Naadi predictions, the original Naadi Astrological palm leaves were obtained from the Britishers on lease, during the time of our great grandfather, sometime between 1850 and 1875. It is said, he started giving the NaadiJodhida predictions at Vaithiswarankoil from the later part of his life, probably around 1875.

It is said that our great grandfather Arul ThiruEkambaram gave predictions from KousikaNaadi and my grandfather Arul Thiru Swami Sachidhanandam (1900-1960) from AgasthiyaNaadi. Since the palm leaves of Kousika and AgasthiyaNaadi became scarce, our father Arul Thiru. Arumugam (1929-1989) started the predictions from the Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi, during his lifetime, following the footsteps of the great Arul Siva Arumugunar. I am his son continue the SukshmaNadi Prediction at VaitheeswarnKoil Our father knew Astrology and wrote some books on Astrology like, ‘How to judge and select bride and bridegroom?’ , but we are however trained intensely from our early age, for nearly ten years to read and interpret the Naadi predictions only from the palm leaves.