NAFEMS – The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community

Engineers rely on computer modelling and simulation methods as vital components of the product development process. As these methods develop at an ever-increasing pace, the need for an independent, international authority on the use of this technology has never been more apparent. NAFEMS is the only worldwide independent association dedicated to this technology.

Companies from numerous industries and every part of the globe have invested heavily in engineering technologies such as FEA and CFD. But how do they ensure they get the best return from their investment? How do they develop and enhance their capabilities? How do they use the technology in the most effective way?

NAFEMS is uniquely placed to help answer these questions.

NAFEMS is an association of more than 900 companies from across the globe. Members range from major corporations such as Boeing, NASA and Ferrari through to mid-sized organizations, academic institutions and small engineering consultancies.

If you work with simulation, you should be part of NAFEMS.
Visit www.nafems.org to get involved.