Nagoya is one of the classic Japanese restaurants in Madrid. It has been offering its customers delicious Japanese food since 1999 and uses its long experience to provide a balanced combination of tradition and innovation in its dishes.

Nagoya is best known among its customers for its excellent value for money, offering the best quality sushi, maki rolls and sashimi at exceptionally competitive prices.

The restaurant’s furnishings, illumination and decoration remind its customers of a traditional small restaurant in a Japanese town and provide a cozy, family atmosphere. And, just as in those small Japanese restaurants, the waiters are on hand to offer attentive service at all times.

The first Nagoya restaurant opened in Calle Trafalgar in 1999, and the second one, in Calle Clara del Rey, in 2005. The “younger brother” in Calle Clara del Rey successfully reproduced the excellent quality cuisine and the cozy atmosphere of the original restaurant from the very beginning.