NaijasMostIncredible.com tells stories of young Nigerians doing incredible things.  We’re inspired by innovative entrepreneurship & excellence in the face of adversity.

For too long, Nigeria has been characterized by the most corrupt, the most incompetent, and the most under-performing of us.

In reality, Nigeria's 150 million people make up a broad spectrum of humanity.

And we find the positive, uplifting stories, and share them.

Our claim to fame was an innovative Web 2.0 powered contest in the Summer of 2010, in which we facilitated a contest to identify the Top 25 Nigerian Rappers (Hip-Hop Artists) of 2010.

Over 5,000 people participated in a raucous and rambunctious debate, for two weeks.  Resulting in this impressive line-up of young Nigerian talent:


This was closely followed by a 2010 World Cup celebration of Nigerian football (soccer).  Another Web 2.0 contest on Facebook and Twitter during Africa's first world cup, had folks lobbying for their favorite players!  In the end, a mix of new and old talent populated the list:


Encouraged by an audience of 10,000 young Nigerians and growing (See http://www.Facebook.com/NaijasMostIncredible), we went on to run a 50-video special on the 50th anniversary of Nigeria's Independence . October 1st, 2010.  This time, we celebrated the GREATEST NIGERIANS OF ALL TIME.


As we look forward, the future looks bright for a new generation of Nigerians, in this global village of ours.  The Naijas Most Incredible entrepreneur interview podcast is already causing wild excitement, as we pull back the curtain on the operations of young, successful Nigerian entrepreneurs' businesses.  And share with other young folks, the secrets of perseverance, innovation, collaboration, and success.

We're inspiring a new generation of leaders.

Won't you join us?