NAKBIZGROUP LLC. Exclusive Distributor in Ukraine supply an innovative, touchless hand sanitizing dispenser with all-natural solutions. Germstar product contains no glycerin or thickening agents, leaves no sticky residue and will not dry out the skin. A natural emollient actually moisturizes and softens the skin, even with repeated use.
Germstar is the hand hygiene system of choice for major hospitals, dialysis clinics, resorts, casinos and the cruise line industry, to name a few. The touchless feature virtually eliminates any danger of cross infection.
Germstar dispenser has an adjustable portion control, but no gears or moving parts and operates on batteries, eliminating the need for soap, water and paper towels, unless hands are visibly soiled. Germstar Original 70% Isopropanol solution is certified as a pre-surgical scrub. Certifications are available upon request.

The touchless Dispenser insures a hygienic use and operation. It can be placed anywhere and is user friendly for everyone.
Infrared sensor is motion-activated. Touchless operation eliminates cross-contamination and provides complete hand sanitation in 15-20 seconds.
Reliable operation: The dispenser has no moving parts; gravity dispenses solution in perfect doses with no waste.
Doses can be adjusted from 0.7ml to 6.0 ml (pre-surgical).Each 32 oz solution bag will yield up to 1400 washes (for 0.7ml dosage setting).
Dispensers can be placed anywhere hand washing is needed and hot water, soap or paper towels are not available (work station, vehicles etc.).
Solution level is visible through the transparent dome top and solution bag.
Spherical design discourages dust-borne microorganisms from settling.
Solution bag changes are quick and easy.
Innovative Globe design raises wash compliance (from 50% avg. to above 90% wash compliance) due to its user attraction.
Batteries will last up to 50,000 washes or 2 years; dispensers are also available for hard wire applications. Latest microchip technology and sleep mode minimizes electric usage.
Germstar GUARANTEES the no-hassle operation of each dispenser.Our dispenser is backed by a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
Available in white, black and chrome. Custom colors are available for larger scale orders.