nakedspecs.com sells designer prescription glasses and polarized sunglasses from $90 a pair with FREE worldwide shipping and a no fuss returns policy, Naked Specs is the only eyewear company in the world to have a ‘buy 1, give 5’ social-giving model.

There’s a diverse range of styles that will appeal to a wide cross-section of people.  From hipster features to geek chic glasses (and stylish names such as Sevilla, New York and Valencia), including a cat’s eye collection, as well as wooden and bamboo glasses frames.

All sunglasses include UV400 polarised lenses.  All optical glasses include high index extra-thin lenses as standard, and there are great deals on extras including photochromic lenses (these are lenses that transition from clear to tinted so that you don't have to have separate sunglasses).  Cheap glasses that are actually high quality materials.

The company offers easy returns, so there is no risk to buying glasses online.

The online store at nakedspecs.com is easy to browse, with frames grouped into collections and  features virtual try-on software.  The team at Naked Specs will even call optometrists direct for customer’s prescriptions!  All glasses are manufactured to order with high index extra-thin lenses, and scratch resistant lens coatings are included in their low prices.  Customers can save hundreds of dollars buying great glasses with the added bonus of giving to those less fortunate, choosing from a range of eye-care initiatives to personally support in less developed countries when they checkout.