Most of the businesses are rummaging through tons of raw business data, thousands of searches, subscription to contrasting services, just to generate business ready opportunities. So, an idea was born to create a Business Search Engine that could incorporate all these results and evolve them in the potential leads and further into sales.

LeadLake is a vertical search engine to crawl index and rank global business information and make it efficiently available via a supreme search algorithm to end user. It assures data through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart querying and indexing, which scans through Social Media Platforms, Forums, Marketplaces, uses AI to know which Journalists, Investors, Influencers are Interested in your domain.

This complete business search engine has 50M+ Business Contacts, 500 million+ Consumer Email IDs, 100+ million lead links, 1100+ behind the scenes web technologies and quarter of a billion webpage analysis for marketing, sales and Research Teams.

A Single right web link makes all the difference, costs as low as $0.001 per lead link.