Is the information you have for your contacts scattered between your phone's address book, text messages, emails, social accounts or maybe even dusty old address books? We're changing that.

Simply sign up to Nameloop and add your contact information. All of your information on Nameloop is private and secure. When you connect with people you can choose what information you would like to share with them. We make this easy by allowing you to set up groups (or Loops as we call them) - just add each person to a Loop to control what information they have access to. When you update any of your contact info on Nameloop, it automatically pushes out to all the contacts you're sharing it with. Likewise, whenever a contact updates their info, your phone will update automatically. Simple.

So any time your data changes - if you change job, move house, set up a new Skype account, change your phone number…whatever it is, update your Nameloop account and we'll push the change to your Loops.

Losing or breaking your phone can be a nightmare. Did you back up your contacts? Do you know when you backed them up? Has iCloud been telling you for weeks that you're out of storage? With Nameloop, all you need to do is download the app on your new phone to get all your Nameloop contacts back. Just another thing that makes Nameloop the most amazing app for managing your contacts!

So sign up to Nameloop and let's grow the Contacts Network together.