I have valued every professional experience in the past to help me dedicate the actions and direction in the future.

Working for myself was the BEST decision I took for myself. Every moment in life is so precious, and by working for someone else you are not in control of your time management. I woke up one day realizing working for someone was not my world; I was ready to learn from the right people who are actually succeeding and not just talking about it lol. Working with an amazing team made me realize that family time is more than important; it should be part of everyone's every day.

In all my past experiences, in which I was very successful, have helped me define the path in becoming an entrepreneur. I have built a distribution company and attracting high profile senior management into a partnership to develop a successful company.

In an entrepreneurial environment one must be creative, show initiatives and have a vision. Once the vision has been defined I am then convinced of the direction that needs to be taken to maximize performance and profitability.

In my commercial strategy and product selection, the key element of product selection is based on integrity, delivering on promises and meeting customer needs. As being a customer oriented person with no comprise on customer delight, I am capable of developing the right strategy, the proper tactics and a quality team that will challenge, promote and encourage the accomplishments of my goals.

I am all about Empowering You and Your Network Everyday Financially, Inspirationally & Spiritually. I am taught by experts each day...and that is my learning part of the day I choose to do on a daily basis. I pass on to you important information that may benefit you in many different areas in life. I love to learn and teach every day. Let me help you grow. I am ready when YOU are.

Remember that "Inspiring You, Inspires Me"!

Make everyday a great day!

Partners in Success!