Elite Nannies On Call is a high end boutique agency based in Miami, FL – with branches in Broward, West Palm, and now Sarasota/ Siesta Key area! We provide Extraordinary On Call babysitting services, Full-Time, Part-Time and Short Term childcare placements at an exceptional standard of quality and reliability to top hotels, film industry clients and private families.

Why Elite Nannies On Call:

*Superior Customer Service: our unique and individualized 1-to-1 service plans are personalized to your family’s needs.

*Standard of Quality: Our detailed screening process includes a psychological assessment and thorough structured behavioral interviews.  All registered “Exceptional Nannies” who excel through our screening process sign a nondisclosure/ privacy agreements because we care and respect the privacy of our families.

*WE ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY NANNY AGENCY TO TRAIN OUR NANNIES in developmental psychology such as intrinsic reinforcement based upon the principles of B.F.Skinner (1957) & E. Erikson’s psychosocial development (1959) . Elite Nannies On Call combines this highly effective training with frequent opportunities for children to develop within themselves the intrinsic motivation that satisfies the inner self.

*Our Special Needs Division housing our "Elite Care Specialists" with training in Autism and similar disorders available in our of our childcare placements

*Reputation: Our expertise, credibility, integrity, and knowledge from 8+ years’ experience of working within the service sector within a diversified population, particularly with young children.  Elite Nannies On Call makes the conscious effort to make a significant difference in the lives of the children and families whom we serve.

This is why we are “Above The Rest” in the industry……transforming how you find your “Exceptional Nanny”