Nap-Sack is an organization designed to give people their voice through a powerful social website. we give members a chance to use an array of tools to get their message across.  

We have a social section, similar to Facebook, but with less invasion and more privacy.  This will allow our members to interact with friends and family.  They can also create a page for their organization.

Our debate section allows members to choose from our category and create a topic of discussion.  Then they can allow other members to join in and debate the issue.  Members can use their knowledge to teach others or they can learn new and interesting things.

The news will help keep members informed on what's going on around the world. Our news will come from other news source and actual writers.  The news will be presented with honesty and integrity.

Our petition program is Nap-Sack's flagship.  We allow activist organizations  (sponsored) and members (user) to create a petition, receive the required amount of signatures and Nap-Sack will takeover and give the petitioner full assurance that their petition will be heard.  Because activist organizations will be in a paid membership, they can create as many petitions and receive any amount of signatures.  Users can either have their petition delivered electronically with no guarantees or have Nap-Sack handle it for a fee.  Our petition program will blow away the competition.

We also allow members who want to make a difference to create their own group.  Be a part of the solution and encourage others to join your group.

Nap-Sack is here for the people and our goal is to give voice back to the people.