Tired of sleepless nights,
restless days? Now anytime
can be Chill™ time — at home or on the go!
Any place can be a safe place with the new
Nap Nanny® Chill.
Fuss... squirm... wiggle... cry...
The only portable infant recliner designed for sleep, play —
and peace of mind
• A safe, stable, secure place for baby, asleep or awake
• Increases comfort and improves infant’s sleep
• Turns even the fussiest baby into a sound sleeper, whatever room they’re in
CHILL is the perfect solution for:
• Fussy babies
• Feeding time or play time
• Babies that prefer to sleep in an inclined position
• Managing multiples on your own
Extra safety:
• New harness design for enhanced safety and snug fit
• Contoured bucket with higher sides
• Large base made from high-density foam for maximum stability
And extra convenience:
• Weighs only 3 pounds, travels and stores easily
• Waterproof liner to protect the foam core
• Removable harness for transitioning to a safe toddler chair

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