We are the Human Rights WebTV Network that is bringing together literary artist, visual artist, and performing artist from around the world to inspire people to love. Our network inspires artist to become Artivist.  Artivist is the cross between an artist and activist.

Our focus is primarily stopping human trafficking. But we understand that human trafficking is supported by other issues like poverty, genocide, troubled and broken homes, broken spirits, disasters, kidnappings and lack of awareness.  We are in the process developing prevention and rescue programs.  We are supporting and joining with other organizations to successfully implement future programs.

An inspired action is a powerful action.  It is better than an action that has derived from guilt or motivation.  Motivation is good, but the action comes from a motive; usually a “what’s in it for me” attitude.  But inspiration creates an action from the heart, most likely prompting one to solve a problem. We operate on inspired action.

Our approach to human rights is inspiration.  We believe that the arts are the most powerful form of inspiration.   The arts have been an inspiring us from the beginning of time.  NappyMuseTV is the Hollywood of Human Rights.  We make it cool to care.

We heal, we free, we empower life through virtual performances from around the world on our webtv shows. We support and empower artist around the world to empower the world towards charity, through virtual performance and art. We are always looking for diversity, great music, spoken word, artist of every kind; literary, visual and performing artist. Join us on our virtual journey celebrate the creative soul and showcase the artistic gifts.

Help us support freedom causes around the world.