Six years ago, Nashid Ali, former columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, read The Great Gatsby in one day and became determined to write an American masterpiece. June Bethune is that masterpiece, an epic story of a family that rises to power by slaughtering a Sioux tribe and stealing the tribe's oil rich land. During the coup, a Sioux sorceress curses the Winniper family's bloodline. Over generations, as the family's oil empire expands across the world, the Winnipers take drastic measures to rid themselves of their curse and their shame. And while the family struggles to stay together, they sacrifice the innocent to protect the family's legacy. Within these mortal worries and violent tragedies, the Winniper family wars amongst itself, challenging the meaning of family until they realize...

Nashid Ali has appeared on NBC’s Today Show to discuss his writing and he is available for further comment to a limited number of reviewers and journalists. The June Bethune experience is unique for several reasons. Each chapter has a custom illustration drawn by Heather Workman. The website, junebethune.com, has chapter-by-chapter analysis and character analysis recorded by Nashid Ali. The author discusses important elements of each chapter, key moments and exchanges, and potential perspectives/readings of the text. After completing each chapter, readers should listen to the chapter analysis without worry of spoilers! Each chapter analysis only refers to the events of the specific chapter. The character analysis offers an even more in-depth discussion of each character's development throughout the entire story. Readers can spark conversation and inspire each other’s imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught and must be personally experienced.

Like to listen to music while you read? JuneBethune.com also has a chapter-by-chapter listening soundtrack! With over 50 hours of music, readers can listen and read at their leisure and enjoy music that matches each chapter's time period! Grab some headphones and enjoy the story with a unique reading experience!

Buy the printed copy exclusively on Amazon.com. Kindle available, too. E-mail for signed copies. Follow @junebethune for the chance to receive a free, signed copy every day in the month of June.

Still, the question deserves consideration: is June Bethune greater than The Great Gatsby?