Experience the most unique firearms sales center in Tennessee, Nashville Gun & Knife.

At Nashville Gun & Knife, we are dedicated to your enjoyable and safe ownership of firearms. Whether you purchase firearms for hunting, sport and target shooting, personal and home defense or if you are a collector, we want to help you reach your purpose. Through our seminars, we intend to bring you the best instructors and latest information. Our buyers constantly search the firearms marketplace for the latest innovations and the best our industry has to offer. We focus on buying at the most attractive prices so that we can pass those savings on to you.

NG&K offers much more than just guns and knives. Visit our room dedicated to Beretta and view their brilliant line of clothing. As an official “Trident Dealership” and the only Beretta “Shop in Shop” full line of products in Tennessee for Beretta USA, we can bring you the very best this industry giant has to offer. Nashville Gun & Knife offers the most impressive selection of knives in Tennessee with collections by William Henry, Emerson, Benchmade, Chris Reeves, Anza, Southern Grind, Pro Tech, Browning and Beretta.

Firearm Reproductions are highlighted with selections from Uberti, Ruger and Henry. Our 1911 style pistol collection is most impressive with selections ranging from the oldest 1911 manufacturer, Colt, to the newest and quite impressive entrant, the locally manufactured Maximus Arms’ Gladiator. We also carry tactical weapons including Colt, Daniel Defense and Beretta ARs (to name just a few) and an impressive handgun selection including Glock, H&K, Smith & Wesson, Beretta and dozens more. A full stock of tactical shotguns such as KelTec KSG, Winchester, Beretta and Stoeger will meet your needs whether you are looking for a double barrel, a pump or a semi-automatic. If you’re looking for hunting rifles, we inventory the best in the industry. The Beretta-made Tika and Sako lead the way. However, no collection is complete without a strong representation of Browning products including the A-Bolt and the X-Bolt rifles.

A full-time gunsmith based on premises is ready to assist you with malfunctions or repairs, modifications, sight installation and more. We’re also glad to process your firearms transfers and process background checks. Additionally, we offer a gift registry to make shopping and receiving gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions a breeze. Similar to a wedding or baby registry, pick out the items that you want and let your friends and family know that you’re registered at Nashville Gun & Knife.

We’ve developed a most remarkable atmosphere within which to shop. Visit us and you’ll see why we’re proud to say we’re not just another gun store.