Born in Milan, Italy 18/05/1987. In 2005, during my art studies I started to work at Pesce Giallo Studio, as an assistant for Luisa Valieri and Claudio Gaiaschi. Since the beginning I have been working on the preparation and shooting of international advertising campaigns. After the end of my studies, the collaboration and personal commitment became more intense. Seen by myself as a first school of photography and video, I slowly learned the theory of image, light, analog process, took a more responsible role inside the structure and got familiar with the world of the advertising agencies in Milan. In 2009 after more than three years working with Pesce Giallo and other professionals from Milan, I decided to move to Rome and to focus on filmmaking, starting a collaboration with Giovanni Troilo, a director, cinematographer and brilliant photographer. The relation became fruitful and resulted in a very continuative production. The collaboration became soon a kind of two men factory, giving him the possibility to share and manage different situations with me as his personal assistant and factotum. I was involved with all the phases of the production in both photographic and video projects, since their inception to the very end. Working both in the advertising and documentary fields I followed responsibly and dealt with prestigious projects like some commercials for Fendi, Italo, Mibact (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage), Intralot, Chianti and others. However, I have always been more intrigued by the narrative projects and by my work on documentaries and movies like William Kentridge - Triumphs and laments, Fan Pio - the weight of holiness, Montedoro (by Antonello Faretta), Caravaggio Criminale, Sky Arte’s Fotografi, Modena Photo Factory and more. In photography, still with Troilo, I experienced countless experiences traveling around Italy and Europe, working for different magazines (Vogue, Wired, D, etc.) and achieving the last and biggest international success with La Ville Noire in 2015 - a dark reportage on the Belgian city of Charleroi. I played an important role for the project, continuously working for one year on all possible tasks related to the realization of the project, especially in the research and preproduction. The project has won the contemporary issues prize in 2016 World Press Photo. The prize was afterwards withdrawn after a complex debate about the true meanings and methods of photojournalism. This is probably due to the apparently experimental and modern approach of the project. All over the years I have directed many video projects realizing advertising for Barilla, Pernigotti, Lavazza, Vyta and Bayer; videoclips for Patrick Watson, Aimee Allen, Figli di Madre Ignota. I have recently took part in the role of first camera in “Il Grande Bluff”, an investigative documentary on economic themes following the journalist Alberto Nerazzini all over Europe for Rai. The view of my mission has recently changed, moving the focus of my efforts onto more personal and self-commissioned projects. I hope to gradually abandon the economically valuable commercial field for another more satisfying, artistic and personal work following my interests.