Bulk Bag Dischargers:

Bulk bag dischargers are also commonly known as bulk bag unloaders, big bag dumpers, bag frames, FIBC dischargers, and FIBC unloaders. NBE has earned the reputation for supplying the best bulk bag unloader and related equipment that money can buy. NBE's intensive focus is to provide our customers with safe, efficient, dust-free, and complete bulk bag unloading and handling. This commitment to all of our dry bulk material processing and manufacturing customers has resulted in our achieving a market leader status for the supply of bulk bag unloader equipment.

Drum & Container Dischargers:

Container dischargers are also commonly known as tote dumpers, box dumpers, bin dumpers, drum dumpers, gaylord dumpers, or fiber drum dumpers. NBE drum and container dischargers allow for the controlled unload and discharge of dry materials from hard-to-handle loads while reducing manual labor. NBE drum, bin, box, barrel, or gaylord box dumpers consistently provide a reliable and repeatable material supply as your system demands. From the simplest container dumper to a completely automatic lift and dump container dumper material processing system, the Real Results obtained by NBE’s customers include: increased throughput and productivity; improved controls integration; reduced operating costs in direct labor and material losses, complete container discharge, and reduced material contamination.

Bulk Bag Fillers:

Bulk bag fillers are also commonly known as big bag filling stations, bulk bag loaders, and big bag fillers. NBE offers dry bulk material processing operations a bulk bag filler product line designed to fully integrate with upstream and downstream material processing systems. NBE big bag fillers can fill up to 20 bulk bags per hour, using only one operator. Automatic and dust-free bag filling, weighing, and densification further combine to increase line throughput and reduce process costs. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel or type 304 stainless, the components and framework of every NBE big bag filling station are built for trouble-free operation; even in rugged bulk bag filling process conditions and where demanding material handling requirements exist.

Bulk Container Fillers:

NBE bulk container filling systems enable bulk material packaging and processing operations to run at designed speeds without concern for constant material waste, re-work, and excess labor costs common with under-performing bulk container loading equipment.

NBE bulk container filling systems, with integrated NTEP-certified scales, go beyond basic load cell accuracy to provide certified, continual, precision filling and weighing to +/- .01% accuracy. Precision filling, on a certified and repeatable basis, assures operations, supervision, and management personnel that containers are stable and safe, material loss is eliminated, and line operations are optimized.

Agitator Hoppers:

NBE agitator hopper units are designed to ensure consistent, reliable flow of non free-flowing material into downstream conveyance or processing equipment. NBE agitator hoppers use a combination of design features; such as a full-length discharge trough, and continuous sweep arms, to condition material discharged from bulk bags or containers. NBE agitator hopper systems prevent bridging or ratholing above the take-away inlet and provide free material flow to downstream processes.

Mixing & Blending:

NBE material mixers and blenders provide dry bulk material processing operations a full line of mixer and blender styles, from pilot-scale batch mixers to high-volume, continuous-duty, in-line blenders. NBE dry material mixers are designed to deliver thorough, contaminant-free mixes in just minutes, without damage to even the most fragile material. NBE mixers and blenders can be engineered with automated control systems, improving the operating efficiency of a stand-alone pilot batch mixer, or a fully-automate, integrated, production blender. NBE mixers and blenders are available in heavy-gauge carbon steel, or stainless steel construction.

Integrated Automation:

Plant safety, competitive pressures, compliance issues, process complexities, equipment effectiveness; each of these factors make automated process operations a necessity. NBE integrated automation brings system-wide process control, communication, sensing, monitoring, and reporting together into a single, menu-driven, touch-screen HMI. High-speed Ethernet communications deliver information between NBE equipment and legacy systems to UL listed panels designed and built by NBE. NBE integrated automation pushes control functionality farther out, and deeper into equipment operations to optimize total line throughput and deliver a standard, system-wide, data report from the control layer. Broader controls functionality and increased data reporting improve resource management, reduce operating burden, and extend equipment lifecycles.

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