National Cancellation & Transfer is a consulting agency specializing in the many varied aspects of the Travel and Timeshare Industry. We offer:
1.  Consultation to answer your questions and concerns.
2.  Help in determining and providing your best options to exit your timeshare. These include cancellation, transfer and more.
3.  We offer Full Service as well as DIY Exit options.
4.  We offer special access to solutions that can take measures to preserve or restore credit.

National Cancellation & Transfer is not a law firm and we are not providers of legal advice or representation. We help you seek solutions and strategize outcomes.  Should the aid of an attorney be necessary we may utilize a limited Power of Attorney as part of our agreement and hire an attorney on your behalf.  

There are a number of solutions for exiting a timeshare that simply do not require the help of an attorney.  Many times we will seek to negotiate an exit or transfer the timeshare.  If an attorney is necessary, we can provide access to experienced exit attorneys. In this case, we typically include our guarantee as attorneys cannot guarantee outcome.  We take the risks with you.

National Cancellation & Transfer has stood behind our 100% Money Back Guarantee for more than 5 years in business.  See OUR GUARANTEE for terms.