National Cost announced today that they will be expanding their services beyond cost containment to include auditing services for accounts payable and sales tax audit and recovery. This new service can aid clients in recovering overpaid taxes from various taxing agencies.
National Cost already offers their clients the ability to contain costs in more than sixty common cost areas, including equipment maintenance, computer supplies and food service. Lee Ferry of National Cost explains that “containment is very different from cost cutting. A business cannot function in cost reduction mode on a long-term basis. Since cost containment involves controlling increases in costs before they occur, it is a means of controlling future risk.” He goes on to elaborate that the “strategies for cost containment can be applied to small companies just as easily as large ones, because they involve the same two groups of people: employees and vendors”.

National Cost also has a strict policy regarding customer satisfaction and now also offers a new No Fee guarantee program. National Cost works with each individual client and bases their commission off the percentage of the dollars saved, not a flat fee rate.

About National Cost: The West Palm Beach, Florida-based company helps its clients realize “best-in-market” pricing from their suppliers. Hospitals, schools, service companies, wholesalers, retailers and distributors make up a large portion of National Cost’s clients, forming partnerships with the containment company to slash costs and discover efficient new ways to run their businesses. National Cost continues to enable their clientele with tools for cost containment in more than sixty common cost areas, including equipment maintenance, computer supplies, insurance, and food service.

Please visit us on the web at www.nationalcost.com.