National Strategic is a Strategic Growth Consulting Company that helps Small Business adapt to the 3 Profit-Losing Customer Trends they face in today's business environment. The partners of the firm, Roman Jakubowycz and Eugene Shatsman reject Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Marketing Plans as effective tools for business growth.  These traditional approaches to managing a business lack the appropriate mechanisms for adapting to a business environment that is constantly changing.  Instead they have develop a proprietary growth formula, Evolve To Grow™, that guarantees a business will grow and thrive in any economic cycle or during any market shift.

National Strategic works with businesses through one-on-one consulting engagements or its online education product the Business Strategy Lab™.  Their approach to growing a business focuses on responding to current market realities by making small incremental changes to only 5 Key Business Activities.  Evolve To Grow™ takes advantage of the unique strengths and flexibility found in all small to mid-sized companies.

By defining and then optimizing how a company gets more leads, retains loyal customers, offers unique products and services, wins more sales and manages the unexpected National Strategic Group helps businesses experience sustainable and predictable growth.