National Tax Credit, Woodstock, GA, a leading expert in federal and state tax credit processing.  

NTC works with most nationally known companies including McDonalds, Hilton, Buffalo Wild Wings, Signature Healthcare, Taco bell, Hardees, Chipotle and many others.

Tax Credit Processing

NTC's experts in finance, technology and accounting enable organizations to easily make the most of Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Disaster Recovery and Empowerment Zone Credits, Research and Development Credits and thousands of other State and Federal government incentives for a full capital recovery program.  Through the implementation of automation and ever-developing technology, we are equipped to assist business owners and human resource executives to implement an easy-to-manage system for taking advantage of employer tax credits designed to offset labor costs. NTC offers all processing methods including NTC e-Signature with our Online Screening Platform.

Environmental Waste Services

Lower your environmental waste disposal costs at least 10% Net or more by utilizing our expertise & client pooling as leverage to receive preferential rates. Currently averaging 34 %+ in savings for our Clients.

We service the Food, Hospitality, Construction, Medical, Retail & Residential Industries

Energy Management

Energy Savings

Identify, Maximize, and Sustain energy savings with NTC’s energy services

NTC’s comprehensive utility bill audit is contingency based and can result in refunds or credits and long-term future savings.