nativemedia is a leading and prominent provider of native content feeds and native in-text advertising solutions across Asia.  

NativeFinch’s cutting-edge automated native advertising technology converts keywords and non-commercial hyperlinks into monetised links.
NativeFinch enables media owners, such as portals, news media, bloggers, community owners and mobile apps to earn commission from sales and leads generated from published content.
NativeFeeds is an automated content distribution platform that offers a robust coupon and discount aggregation solution with a technologically advanced API.
NativeFeeds technology directly connects to the performance affiliate networks in Asia, providing a single data feed of coupon codes; discount offers, and exclusive deals.

nativemedia technology features
Registered media owners gain access to a feature rich account with access to:

•     Personalize networks, categories and merchants
•     Get API access to request data
•     Access to Xml, JSON,CSV feeds for all country’s
•     Grab exciting deals from the top networks across Asia
•     Access to bespoke content
•     Access to performance reports including clicks and sales from top advertisers
•     View the most popular keywords driving clicks and sales
nativemedia is dedicated to providing media owners in Asia the best native advertising tools and technologies to increase the value of their content.  

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