The Cancer Healing And Research Trust (CHART) is no regular charity.

We aim to create the biggest source of medical information on patients who use natural cancer therapies in the world.  A trustworthy resource that is created "by the people, for the people"...  That empowers them with knowledge on the best possible course for their cancer treatment.

Through rigorous data collection from patients who have used natural cancer therapies, CHART and its community will identify the very best safe and natural cancer treatments.  

In addition, CHART aims to promote education and awareness of environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors that research suggests have a bearing on cancer formation or on cancer prevention.

Cancer Healing and Research Trust ("CHART") is a company incorporated in England & Wales with registration number 04806978, and it is registered with the Charity Commissioner with charity number 1103162. CHART's registered address is 98 Blandford St, London W1U 8AG, United Kingdom.  CHART was first established in 2003 but moved forward dramatically in 2012 due to the input of new Chairman, Dr Nyjon Eccles and new Directors, Joshua Antanaitis and Mehrtash A'zami.