Award Winning Permanent Makeup.   Imagine being able to look in the mirror every day and see perfect eyebrows, striking eyes and full lips.  You'd look fresh and confident, ready to go anytime.  With permanent cosmetics by Natural Effects, you can achieve all that and much more.  Think of all the time and hassle you would save by not having to apply makeup.  There would be no more smudged eyeliner, smeared lipstick or uneven eyebrows.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who understand and cater to our clients" individualistic  permanent makeup needs.  Our focus is on soft and natural looking permanent makeup.  Tina Davies, artist and director, is the creator of the Feathering Technique (TM), the latest development in permanent makeup which sets the standard for the most natural results.  Her work has been featured on various television programs: Cityline, The Globe and Mail, Breakfast Television, and Beauty by Design.  With her talent and artistic ability, Tina's reputation is renowned throughout Toronto and her clinic is referred by the city's top cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic professionals.