Natural Exposures is the exclusive showcase for the wildlife photography and nature pictures of Daniel J. Cox. Along with his work in the field of natural history he regularly contributes images to the world of science and travel. It is through his rich and broad experience, nearly 30 years of working this medium, that he provides us with access to a world of wildlife, scenery, travel and science that few of us have a chance to see—or feel—in person. Dan’s work vividly expresses his own philosophical concerns about conservation, animal welfare, and our fragile green earth. His wildlife stock photography archives offer an unparalleled selection of pictures—over 500,000—of wildlife, conservation issues, animal behavior, exotic cultures, natural history, science and travel photography.

What Dan communicates in every photo is a passion for his subjects—a virtual story in a single image that resonates hope or despair, survival or demise, bounty or depletion. Beauty. Awe. Eloquence. And wonder. We invite you to explore Dan’s world of breathless beauty, heart-stopping action, and countless one-of-a-kind events. Choose from hundreds of different subjects within ecosystems from Antarctica to Zaire. All of them represent the best of Daniel J. Cox's vision, talent, and skill as a photojournalist traveling the world.