The Naturally Prepared Corporation was founded by visionary leaders who saw their combined abilities as a surefire way to support the offering of an evolutionary product line.  The Naturally Prepared product line was conceived by Dr. Todd Cameron, Josh Bowman, Brian D. Smith, and Jared St. Clair along with collaboration with other business and medical advisors to help with an ever growing problem Dr. Cameron saw during his treatment of patients.  Dr. Cameron noticed a growing number of individuals suffering from blood sugar imbalances, obesity, lack of energy, food allergies and sensitivity to artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. Additionally many of his patients skipped meals, especially breakfast and ate high sugar substitutes for real foods. Many passed these habits along to their children.
Dr. Cameron saw this growing problem with poor nutrition becoming a national crisis.   The opportunity to join forces with other nutritionally conscious individuals came together in the formation of the Naturally Prepared Corporation.
Taking this nutritional concept to the next level, key founder Brian Smith expanded the concept to reach out to the emergency preparedness market. The creation of a product line that could help individuals in case of emergency and on a daily basis was sound advice that catapulted Naturally Prepared into multiple markets.
Naturally Prepared officially launched at Expo West 2011 in Anaheim California where their flagship product "30 Second Meal" was received with glowing reviews.  Attendees enthusiastically asked where they could find these products.  Naturally Prepared management has worked continuously since the show to fill retail store, emergency preparedness and ecommerce channels for our customers.