Our concept is to provide high quality 100% natural products without compromises. We know that many people are searching for high quality products, particularly people with scalp and skin conditions, dry hair and consumers who are interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Since all Vitalnu's products are hypoallergenic, they are ideal for anyone that wishes to a have a high quality 100% natural product.

Mission: To create the finest line of organic, purely natural and sustainable products. From production, to use, to disposal, Vitalnu creates products that are harmless to our planet and its inhabitants. We make every effort to deliver real and natural convenience.  We endeavor to help all world citizens to live healthy and sustainable lives.
Vitalnu Core Values:
Quality – the best products money can buy
Sustainable – the sources of our products are sustainable
Organic – clean ingredients, the way nature intends it
Natural – available on earth for our use and not man-made
Commitment – nothing will deviate our course
Integrity – nothing will turn us from our core values
Innovative – products that will blow your mind
Inspiring – create the desire to change in people
Passionate – we love what we are doing and so will you
Education – we believe that education leads to freedom and happiness
Nurturing – we all need someone to rely on; we are here for you
Accountability – we are all responsible for the decisions we make
Balance – everything in moderation is the best approach
Vital – we are essential, energetic and lively