Naturopathy is a drugless system of treatment which recognizes the existence of vital curative forces or the Panch Mahabhuta within the body. It believes in treating the human body as a whole and removing the root cause of the diseases rather than treating individual parts or offering symptomatic remedies.

Body worn out with physical depreciation and mind clustered with years of weary need the perfect rejuvenation to relief the senses.  The treatment combination at Nature Cure & Yoga Center is designed to replenish and rejuvenate your senses for a healthier mind and body. The amalgamation of an array of natural procedures to cure your ailment is certain to lead you towards self rediscovery. Based on the concepts of Panch Mahabhuta the treatment designed at Nature Cure & Yoga Center addresses the different aspects of human body to renew it from congestion, depletion and aberration.

Discover the the most ecstatic way to regain the healthy you.  Removing toxins from your body has never been such relaxing before. Hip Bath, Foot Bath, Immersion Bath and Mud pack are among the few to mention which revitalize you from within in the most enigmatic and exotic ways. Unleashed from the treasures of ancient India, naturopathy is the answer to a number of ailments and diseases like Asthma, dysentery, diabetes, obesity, gastritis, gout, jaundice and insomnia, etc. which otherwise would require incurring huge expenditure and withstanding a considerable physical exertion.

Nature Cure & Yoga Center dives into the pages of ancient India to bring back the mystical methods to cure your ailments. It makes the treatment of your ailment or disease a pleasure experience for you.