Natures Artifacts has grown into one of the largest suppliers of Natural stone metaphysical, spiritual and decorative gift items throughout the US. We sell a wide range of hand carved natural stone products, including Spirit Animal Figurine, Himalayan Rock Salt lamps, Multi Green Onyx, White Onyx, Red Onyx, Fossil Coral Chess Sets, Fruit Dish, Flower Vases and more. We serve our retail customers as well as wholesalers with creativity, quality and promptness.

Natures Artifacts focuses to continue to supply products for all paths to the divine, as well as high end decorative items. Our Spirit Animal Figurines serves purposes of Wicca, personal spirituality, and many other divine and religious traditions. Our Natural Rock Salt Products cleanses and purifies air. When salt crystal rock heats up, it emits negative ions. These ions clean the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke and bacteria and offset the effects of the positive ions produced by computer monitors, TV's and other electrical devices.