Our company has been supplying quality air freshening service and products to businesses and homes for more than 20 years.  We are renowned for our quality product, customer service, and understanding of odor control.  What began as a small family owned business in the mid 1980's, remains family owned and operated today and maintains a very strong and loyal customer base.  

Our aromatic fragrances surpass retail store purchased air freshening products as well as other air deodorizing methods offered by competitors.  Using our product also eliminates the dangers associated with burning scented candles.  Nature Scent of the Ozark's aromatic fragrances are used in hospitals, banks, churches, government buildings, day care centers, and nationwide in businesses and homes.  Each 4.5 ounce can which contains natural extracts and essential oils diffused through the use of wicks lasts at least 28 days in a normal temperature setting.  Scents can be adjusted to be light, medium, or strong based on your requirements and expectations.  Choose a variety of fragrances or you are welcome to choose all one fragrance (subject to availability).    

We also have car air fresheners!  Our aromatic car fresheners are superior to those available in auto stores.   Each one typically lasts from 6-8 weeks keeping your vehicle smelling great!  They are also useful for placement in your vacuum bag housing, sports duffel bags, musty smelling closets, camping trailers, and anywhere else you might desire aromatic odor control.