NatureSpy is a small business specialising in camera trap rental, set-up, training and advice. We currently have bases in the North of England and the North of Wales.

We are the only service in the UK that offers camera trap rental, full set-up, and media delivery along with a qualified wildlife biologist. We want to maximise the chances that you see and enjoy the wildlife in your own backyard. NatureSpy has amassed thousands of pictures of British wildlife, all through our wildlife camera traps.

Our main aim is to help people view and appreciate the wildlife that they may not know is even there. We use wildlife camera traps to bring people closer to wildlife. We monitor the wildlife in your garden, work with national organisations such as the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts, deliver training and workshops on camera trapping and it's uses, visit schools and talk about the importance of wildlife, and run projects like our Yorkshire Pine Marten Project.