Bonjour et Bienvenue à NAWELLE Inc.
A first impression occurs in a blink of an eye. It only takes 7 seconds to make –good or bad- assumptions about someone based on how they’re dressed. With this in mind it's more than ever important to create that right "first" impression ..and one that's fully aligned with your true essence

Personal Fashion Styling:
For your everyday life, business luncheon, bridal shower, or black-tie affair, Nawelle can help you dress to impress by bringing a multitude of looks from various high-end fashion retailers to try on in the privacy of your home.
Nawelle will take a close look at your dressing room and make a detailed inventory of the items that are in style and that fit and flatter you versus the ones that don’t anymore.
Whether you love your current style as it is now or need help defining it Nawelle will design your very own and unique “signature style” and then tailor a perfect capsule wardrobe that fit all your needs and fully represent who you are.