We Love To Make Network Marketing Companies Great

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We pride ourselves in staying true to our core values and providing our clients with the most cutting-edge technology to give the newest person in your company the best chance at success.

MLM, Direct Sales, and Network Marketing companies are built with people. We understand relationships are critical, and that’s why we build high-tech-high-touch platforms that use simple technology to make building relationships and tracking them easier than ever.

Our purpose is to provide elegant, intuitive, and integrated technologies which empower our clients to efficiently connect with their contacts in an extremely personal and truly remarkable way.

Naxum's Beginning: Marketing Systems

In 2001, Naxum entered the market by building front-end and back-end marketing systems for network marketing companies around the world. Our secret sauce is in the process we call the “Simple-Share-Cycle”

For each of our clients we create a platform that allows their newest distributor to easily and compliantly CONNECT with the relationships in their circle of influence, SHARE the story of your products, CLOSE offering these connections the opportunity to get started, and lastly, CLONE to train even the newest member of the team to be able to repeat this process.

Naxum 2.0: Backoffice Commissions and Tracking

In 2010 Naxum expanded its modules to begin tracking client's commissions, payments, and shopping cart transactions as well.

Our breakthrough idea created an integrated platform to serve an ENTIRE company’s real needs all inside of one simple back office. We call this breakthrough “UNIFY” and our client's results speak for themselves.

If you have not seen a demo of this platform, prepare to be amazed. Customizing a UNIFY solution is your best chance to beat the odds of a MLM startup and create a legacy company in today's marketing space.