The North Buncombe Association of Concerned Citizens (NBACC) was created on July 20 1988. Its purposes, as outlined in its Articles of Incorporation are:

1) To protect and preserve the environment
2) To protect the ground and surface water
3) To protect the air
4) To ensure compliance by all individuals and entities in the community with
Federal, State, and local laws regarding the environment
5) To preserve natural resources
6) To combat or prevent pollution (air, water, etc.)
7) To conserve soil and water
8) To preserve scenic beauty
9) To combat community deterioration

NBACC organized the victorious fight against an inappropriately sited proposed plant by Vulcan Quarry. The successful court case was the longest in NC history. It has now been forced to oppose the improper siting of the proposed Blue Ridge Concrete Plant in a residential neighborhood at the gateway to our community.

The North Buncombe community includes the area in and around Flat Creek Township. It is a beautiful region of farms, and residential neighborhoods primarily populated by farmers, blue collar workers, retirees, and professionals.