Apostle Lovella Mogere ministers under a strong Apostolic and Prophetic Mantle. She is the overseer of New Beginnings Global Ministries an Apostolic Prophetic Ministry our motto is "A Place Where Lives Are Restored, Renewed and Transformed" we are located in Baytown, on the outside of Houston, Texas. Her Mandate is to educate, activate and prepare the end-time Prophetic's to embrace their prophetic mantles, Her globally mentors End-time Leaders to be bridge builders -- to pour into, equip, develop and activate the emerging end-time prophetic's by their teachings and impartation to lead them to their destiny, she's the founder and CEO The Prophet's Mantle Magazine "The Voice for the NEXT Generation" and the author of How to Dance In Prophetic, They Tried to Kill Me but I'm Still Dreaming and The Carriers of His Glory.