Your Information Technology Security Partner.

At Nclose we know that a secure and efficient information technology infrastructure is the key to any organisation’s continued survival and growth.

A combination of class-leading products, profound business savvy, dynamic network management solutions, and cost-effective results that are tangible gives Nclose a leading edge in the IT security industry.

Unique solutions. Because your challenges are unique.

With IT security in its infancy, the South African market poses unique challenges and threats to organisations that have made the crucial leap into IT. Nclose understands the fine balance that your operations need to strike between effective network security and carefully managed budgets.

This insight, and the ability to deploy a critically acclaimed arsenal of products sets Nclose apart from its competitors; bringing you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your IT expenses are well allocated and contribute towards your company’s budget – rather than simply representing a grudge purchase with invisible benefits.

Go forth and conquer!

Nclose’s sharp focus on developing and supplying individualised security solutions means that your company’s IT infrastructure is safe from the ever increasing number of threats posed by the Internet.

Nclose takes care of your business’s IT fundamentals – setting you free to focus on the business of doing business. That’s what you do best, after all. Isn’t it?