Contemporary users of colour have a variety of different needs, applications and issues to solve. NCS can help in a variety of different ways across all industries and applications where colour plays a role. NCS is used across all industries and applications, responding to the intricate needs of our customers.

Paints & Coatings
For paint and product manufacturers, NCS is a vital business development tool, increasing sales while saving costs and making colour communication more effective.

NCS offers teachers and corporations the study material and education necessary needed to teach The Universal Language of Colour. Learning NCS gives students a language that is an international standard. The knowledge NCS gives its users can be applied across any given industry regardless of language, materials or market sectors.

If you’ve ever had problems achieving a consistent corporate identity for different products, materials and markets, you’ll find that speaking NCS will help you succeed.

In design, getting the right colour is fundamental. It can make or break a successful product or concept. NCS places control of coloured elements in your hands from the moment your design process begins, allowing you not only to accurately communicate and specify the colours used in your creations but also monitor the outcome.

Anyone working with architecture or materials needs to be able to discuss colour, to convey a clear picture of the desired result and ensure that this vision is fulfilled. NCS facilitates communication among sub-suppliers around the world who might be working together towards the completion of a project.

Decorating or Painting
NCS helps complete projects on time, without mistakes and increases customer loyalty. Clear, effective and understandable, NCS reduces the margin for errors and misunderstanding making your projects easy to execute and plan.