- Are you the only one at the stadium thinking that a penalty kick should have been awarded?
- At a concert, does someone around you know the next song?
- At a demonstration, do you know if there is anyone else willing to increase the tone of the protests?
- Do you want to find a running mate or a tennis partner in your office building?

NearUs will help you answering these questions. NearUS is the first location based app for anonymous communications in events and places, without any required registration.
The app intends to help removing any physical, social and political blocks to free discussions between people with common causes in an event or place.
NearUS has been tested in events in Portugal and Holland. It has chat rooms all over the world and has been used during the Hong Kong protests and in the streets of Bagdad.
The project is a finalist of SIC' Next Big Idea TV show. NearUS was created by a team of recently graduated developers in Northern Portugal. YDreams is supporting this young company that goes against the norm. YDreams believes that NearUS' founders may change how people interact in physical spaces around the Globe.
For Antonio Camara, CEO of YDreams, "NearUS is IRC reborn with all the freedom of expression guarantees of that historical tool and represents YDreams return to its origins: geo-location as a basis for communication. In addition, NearUS R&D area, led by Tiago Serra, promises future versions that will help the development of a new Internet based on the location of people and things".
    For Rui Peixoto, CEO of NearUS, "social networks have become a privileged place to 'think globally' and NearUS aims to be the "act locallyā€¯. Revolutionary, anonymous and independent of manipulation".
    Andre Freitas, COO praises "how the social component can attract and enhance the interaction of people and events that will ultimately serve as a platform for hyperlocal marketing, as the target audience is filtered by the nature of NearUS".
NearUs is available for free download at Google Play and iTunes.