This project will replicate shopping, entertainment and business world into the 3D NEASPACE just as it is in real life.

For all businesses around the world who got tired of bureaucracy, endless permissions, expensive property, thefts, disasters and on - your freedom has come, your business's future in NEASPACE.com!

For all clients who got tired of searching and looking on the internet services you need right away in your city, on your street at night...your wanderings will stop because NEASPACE 3D buisness world will bring every service, either personal or in relation to the government, to your fingerprints! NEASPACE is your NEW service space where you will vote for businesses - who to stay and who to close depending on the quality of their service. Here you will get everything you need for shopping, bills payoffs and on, and on, and on:)  

Step out of your boundaries! Stop worrying for your business' property that cost dozens of thousands, millions of dollars!

Start a new era of 3D business-client world with us!

The NEASPACE will help resolve issues such as: shortage in funds to purchase or build an office center, high value of property tax etc. everything that hinders, stops and destroys businesses and makes it loose thousands of dollars on rent, building and so on just to keep their business running. No one will ever damage your 3D  virtual property, nor it will leak or burn!  When you register as a business owner on NEASPACE.com, you will be able to build everything you need for your business online, you will have your virtual address, your 3D office will be on a virtual street with "real clients" walking on streets seeing your own customized office exterior and other even more important features we will implement for businesses and clients.

Become a part of a completely revolutionary 3D business/client world.  

Become one of the backers of the completely NEW 3D business-client world!